Alka-Seltzer Spec Commercial
This commercial was created in an entertaining, short film style.

It features David Blackwell whose credits include Dazed and Confused, The Rookie, Cat People and Temple Grandin as well as Christa Kimlicko Jones, Bryan Kent and Cary Schwartz. Voiceover by Mark Spacek.

Video Storyboard

Sears Spec Commercial
This commercial was created with a tongue-in-cheek tone.

It features Camille Chen whose credits include Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Spy Kids 3-D, Law and Order and numerous national commercials including Verizon Wireless and Campbell's Soup. It also features Joe Hursley whose credits include Accepted, MTV's "You've Got A Friend" and numerous national commercials including Volkswagen and Wendy's. Voiceover by Mark Spacek.

Video Storyboard

BMW Spec Commercial
This commercial was produced to demonstrate shooting in an outdoor environment as well as cutting several versions of a commercial from a single shoot. This is the :60 version.

It features Don Cass whose credits include Miss Congeniality, Varsity Blues and Austin Stories. It also features Ryan Wickerham whose credits include The Life of David Gale, The Duo and The Waiter.

Video Storyboard

This award-winning project was created to raise awareness of Compaq's server software presence in the marketplace. Compaq required a piece that would be informative but also entertain through the use of storytelling. Two of the storyboards used for this project are also included below.*

Compaq Active Update
Compaq Insight Manager
Compaq Remote Lights-Out
Compaq Channel Partners
Compaq Smart Start Scripting Tool

Compaq Insight Manager Storyboard
Compaq Remote Lights-Out Storyboard

This award-winning project was designed for the prospective Vignette client. The piece was created to appeal to the savvy on-the-move customer. The modules for this project were broken into smaller segments but a sample look-and-feel storyboard is included below.*

Vignette PSA
Vignette VPS
Vignette Overview

Vignette e-Business Look-and-Feel Storyboard

This award-winning project was designed to draw customers to Shell Global Solutions' tradeshow booths. The response to the piece was so overwhelming that Shell requested it be distributed in other media formats for multiple marketing efforts.*

Shell Technology Ventures

The AMD H-Series project was created to announce AMD's new H-Series line of processors. AMD required the piece to be informative but also fast-paced and eye-catching.*

The AMD EndCap project was designed to gain retail customer awareness for AMD. The piece was displayed in Best Buy and Costco stores throughout the United States.*

AMD H-Series
AMD EndCap
AMD Opteron

This award-winning piece was shipped out with every Dell WebbPC sold and includes an introduction by Michael Dell. Its purpose was to educate buyers about the features of their new PC. The piece was so successful that a marketing version was also created.*

Dell WebPC

This award-winning corporate ID piece was designed to draw people to Tivoli's tradeshow booths. Tivoli also displayed it in their lobby and at national sales meetings.*

Tivoli Enterprise

These award-winning projects were created for the Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC).

Children's Medicaid Video - This piece was developed to help keep children insured by Medicaid. The piece was so effective that parents can now reenroll their children in the program by viewing the tape rather than having to visit the Department of Human Services.

340Better - This package was developed to help TACHC provide health centers with information about opening their own pharmacy facilities in order to provide lower-income patients with medications at a reduced cost. It included a CD, brochure, essential forms and contact information. The package helped reduce the sendout time from one day to one hour.*


FG SQUARED's radio spot was created to promote their involvement in the High-Tech Tuesday Happy Hour and to help attract the attention of potential job candidates.*

Sparks Personnel Service's radio spot was a humorous piece designed to attract potential temporary employees in the Washington, D.C. market.

Katrina PSA was a public service announcement done for the Texas Association of Community Health Centers. The spot was used to raise money for health centers servicing thousands of hurricane Katrina victims across the entire guld region including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas.

Sparks Personnel Services: They Listened Radio Spot
Sparks Personnel Services: Mary Mother Radio Spot

Katrina PSA Radio Spot