Vignette Look-And-Feel Storyboard
What if you could have true business insight into your e-Business relationships? Image 1:
Lines and rectangles fly on screen randomly and form a solid color box which houses the words "What if?". Once the text appears 3 video clips transition in to represent "e-Business relationships".
What if you could respond to competitive threats in Internet time? Image 2:
"What if?" box reforms on opposite side of screen and video of fingers typing on keyboard wipes on. Keyboard video transitions into fast pan of person at workstation.
What if you could leverage new technologies in a timely and cost effective manner? Image 3:
"What if?" box changes positions and scrolling-code video/person at workstation video enters screen on "new technologies". Graph composite wipes on at "cost effective".
Vignette and IBM can turn your What if, into Why not. Image 4:
Vignette and IBM logos appear on opposite sides of screen, followed by the words "What if" and "Why not" at center.
Vignette and IBM e-Business solutions can help you measure results,... Image 5:
Vignette and IBM logotypes appear at right of screen. Video clip of a person at a workstation appears to represent "you". 3D bar graph builds showing "measure results".
...analyze data... Image 5b:
Screen stays same as Image 5 with the exception of the 3D bar graph swapping out for the 3D pie chart.
...or determine the unique requirements of customers and trading partners. Image 5c:
Screen stays same as Image 5b until the pie chart is replaced by video of whiteboard closeup representing "determine the unique requirements".
This insight helps you rapidly reconfigure your business in a competitive environment, Image 6:
Whiteboard video expands to split screen and color bar forms to house bullets.
and achieve faster time-to-solution deployment across multiple touch points. Image 6b:
Whiteboard video exits and is replaced by 3D buildings connecting to represent "multiple touchpoints".
Solutions and services from Vignette and IBM provide the required e-business architecture for building profitable relationships. Image 7:
3D product boxes transition on screen and bullet box forms to house descriptives of e-business architecture. Video slides in to accent "profitable relationships".
The open and modular architecture of Vignette V/Series... Image 8:
Color bar transitions in to house "Vignette V/Series" and 3D growing building appears to represent "open and modular architecture".
...and the demonstrated leadership of IBM in standards make leveraging your existing IT investments possible. Image 8b:
Screen stays same as Image 8 with the replacement of the bullet and the addition of a video clip showing people around a laptop.
Combining industry-leading products like Vignette V/Series, IBM WebSphere and IBM Web Servers along with IBM Global Services... Image 9:
3 color bars form (purple and blue) to back the product bullets.
...yields greater leadership and market share, and increases your customer, partner, and employee satisfaction. Image 10:
3 color bars sandwhich and form bullet box. Bullets fly in and video stills cycle through to match voice over.
This combined strength provides you with fewer costs and a quality of service that keeps your buyers and sellers coming back,... Image 11:
Multiple video clips fly on screen. Image 12:
Video clips flash off screen and "now" pixelates to center against stark white.
...and into the future. Image 12b:
"now" replaced by "into the future"